Success Stories

On September 29, 2018, Dennis La Salle; founder Dennis La Salle was faced with losing three Caltrans subcontracts under Simon Wong Engineering because of a change in work code requirements. In April of 2017, Mr. La Salle was informed by CUCP that his company’s work code for Construction Management would no longer be valid since La Salle Solutions, LLC. did not have a Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB) license. According to California State Government Code section 4525e, all firms providing construction management services to be licensed. At that point, Dennis La Salle started to pursue an A License. In September of 2018, Mr. La Salle passed the required tests to be a licensed contractor; however, the CSLB was still processing the actual license. Unfortunately, the CUCP removed the work code for Construction Management prematurely. The Southern California DBE Supportive Services program worked directly with Caltrans Certification Branch to have the work code reinstated and extend the expiration to have the code removed again to December 31, 2018 in which time, La Salle Solutions, LLC will meet the requirements for the Construction Management work code.

On August 3rd, 2018; Delfina Sesma and her son, Jorge Reyes met with a Certification Advisor through the DBE Supportive Services program with a goal to achieve DBE Certification. D'Sesma Trucking, Inc. was in jeopardy of losing three 2nd tier subcontracts for trucking services with MCTC, Mid Coast Transit Constructors by not having the DBE Certification. On August 28, 2018, with the assistance provided through the DBE Supportive Services, D'Sesma Trucking, Inc. submitted their DBE Certification Application, as well as the State of California SB Certification Application, and CUCP WMBE Certification Application. Within 5 weeks, D'Sesma Trucking, Inc. received all three certifications: SB, DBE, and WMBE; as well as became eligible to offer trucking services to the federal government.

Since receiving the certifications, especially the DBE Certification, D'Sesma Trucking, Inc. has seen a steady increase in revenues through their current contract as a 2nd tier subcontractor. Although, too soon to report the full impact the certifications have had on the business, owner’s Jorge and Delfina are anticipating their best year yet!


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